Our Approach

Whether you’re looking to maximise your investments, looking for income, lower cost investment funds or broaden the range of assets used, we can help you plot a path through the financial maze.

Our clients range from highly sophisticated investors and the significantly wealthy to smaller investors who may require only the financial equivalent of a helping hand – which is why we pride ourselves on delivering a service tailored to suit your individual needs, whatever they might be.

As part of this, we recognise the importance of risk. Specifically, we appreciate it’s easy to get caught up in the advantages of a product – its potential for income or capital growth and the return it might give – while perhaps overlooking the element of how much risk you might be prepared to tolerate.

That’s why we prefer to spend a little more time talking about risk. Let’s be realistic. Discussing the prospect of losing money rather than making it might sound negative, but your attitude to risk is a key part of the product-selection process. We think you’ll thank us for it in the end.

In keeping with our fundamental belief that different financial questions demand different answers, our process is as flexible as possible.

Only the first stage is always the same. Our initial meeting with you is free. After that, should you choose to proceed, it’s a case of what suits you best.

We tend to work on an ongoing basis as most clients have neither sufficient time nor energy to devote to their financial affairs.

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