Wealth Management and Financial Planning

You may have come across buzz words such as; ‘wealth management‘ and ‘financial planning‘ and wondered what they actually mean. Well the two go hand in hand; financial planning is one discipline of managing wealth.

Perhaps you have decided to start your own financial plan but you are unsure how, well that is where Philippa Gee Wealth Management can help.

We offer friendly professional advice on wealth management and how to plan your finances. Whatever your current situation the information on this website should indicate whether we can assist you in any way and which route is right for you.

What is Financial Planning?

The first question should never be whether product A or product B is the right one for you. Instead the first step should be what you want to achieve in your financial life, as different stages of life require different types of financial planning.

Reasons for Financial Planning

  1. For many financial planning is how they should go about protecting or managing the wealth that they have accumulated.
  2. For others financial planning is preparation for passing wealth on to future generations.
  3. For some planning is necessary to cope financially with various life events, such as ill health or care fees.
  4. It can be that some have yet to reach the position of financial security they crave and need a structured plan to help them get there.

Increasingly I find that there are some who have accumulated wealth and focused all their efforts on that, without any consideration of its purpose, what they want from it and what they want to achieve in life – this is where planning comes into its own.

If you are interested in finding out more about our wealth management and financial planning services, please contact philippa@philippagee.co.uk or call 01694 722 222.

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