Investment Planning and Management Services

Investment Planning is the initial step taken in the investment process, investment management is the ongoing evaluation and monitoring, with the management role being essential in today’s fast changing world.

For some, managing their investments can be difficult; stockmarkets are ever changing and even assets that may have started out as strong performers can then turn out to under perform, for a variety of reasons. Then you add in the threat of inflation, lower interest rates and rising tax, which can all make matters worse.

Many investors reach a point when they feel that they need advice or at least a fresh pair of eyes.

For us, investments could mean using different tax wrappers, whether ISAs or pensions, using more complicated tax efficient products, or putting together a well balanced portfolio. We consider cash, National Savings, bonds, unit trusts, OEICS, Investment Trusts, ETFs, among others.

Whether you are looking for pre-retirement advice, income in retirement or are simply looking to protect your portfolios with investment planning and management advice.

How complex or how simple an investment portfolio needs to be will, vary with each client.

Professionally Managed Investments

We recognise that when you are investing substantial sums of money, you need the confidence that your investments will be professionally managed. Rest assured, with the experience we have with investments, putting portfolios together is what we enjoy doing and what, we feel, we do well. We do not outsource this as we prefer to take ownership and put together bespoke portfolios for clients.

With the experience of having looked after many hundreds of millions of assets, to then working on the fund management side, we believe this knowledge equips us to construct portfolios to suit your needs.

If you are interested in finding out more about our investment management services, please contact or call 01694 722 222.

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