Need a personal trainer for your investments?

There was a hill relay competition in the Church Stretton yesterday, with some serious challenges involved for all participants. You can find more details here on the four different races and the inclines involved. It looks like no mean feat.

These athletes didn’t just decide to take part without any training, they have spent months working out to build up the stamina and fitness needed to help them get a good result.

In many ways this is the same with investments. You simply can’t wake up one day and think that you can start immediately start investing and make a success of it. You need considerable time, concentration and experience to get it right. So many people contact me, who have come into money and started managing it themselves, have then found it to be an impossible task and recognise they need professional help. Whilst they might initially enjoy the venture (as you would at the start of the race) they then realise that the sheer time and effort is far greater than they imagined. Typically they have sold and bought at the wrong times and have ended up with a lower sum of money than they first started with.

I would like to run in the hill relay, but if I do I will need to do some serious training. If you want to manage your own investments, do the research first and be honest with yourself as to whether you really can spare the time. If not, get professional advice, a personal trainer for your investments could be a really good idea