Time for change

When we sit down with new clients to discuss how they have managed their money to date and what we can do to help going forward, the main issue raised is that clients are “fed up of being put in a box” by their previous adviser. That’s not our approach.

This usually relates to the investments they were recommended, such as the fact that just because they were described as “moderate” in risk, it meant that they were put in the “moderate” portfolio, without any reference to what made them individual and why that might not be best. Nothing felt bespoke; neither the service nor the recommendations.

Our clients are unique and want to be treated accordingly. They really need us to take account of their investment preferences, what concerns and issues face them and their challenges for the future. Just as importantly, why wouldn’t we want to?

Ours is a personal business run on a bespoke basis. We care about clients, their lives and their finances.

There is a well-known advert which uses the tag line “with you for the journey” and while that may not usually be the experience with other firms, we strive to make it always the case with us.