When low risk is far from the truth

Most products have different advantages; some might offer greater potential, others might attempt to limit the downside, others may be low in charges and others may claim to add tremendous value which more than covers their extra costs.

Recently I came across a product claiming to be a “cash alternative” which led certain people to assume that this was a low risk product. Let’s be perfectly clear about this, a product allegedly offering an income of 9% with opaque charges and various conditions of contracts is not low risk, particularly if it is unregulated. If something looks too good to be true, it invariably is.

For some clients it is just as important to steer them away from the dangerous products as it is to construct the correct new investments, damage limitation is a valuable commodity. Protecting that which has been built up over time, even generations, can take prime importance and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Are you about to invest in a howler? Stop and get advice quickly, it would be far better to double check matters now, than to leave it too late.